Be hybrid my friend: Global AWS Vision

AWS reacted with a powerful solution to Google Anthos and to the Azure Stack “Fiji” project which launched as i´ve explained in the previous post Azure Stack hub, Edge and Azure Stack HCI actors to the Microsoft scene. AWS Outposts is a compendium of technical solutions together with best in class AWS management support. Outposts, provides the same experience for the applications as being in the cloud and unified hybrid cloud management through the use of the same APIs and management tools across on-premises and AWS infrastructure.

How is the AWS hybrid strategy?

On one hand, AWS knows that the battle with those legacy applications and monolithic workloads that will remain during some years more in the backbone of business logic is a key factor. But moreover they focus on four scenarios: Cloud Bursting, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Distributed data processing, Geographic expansion.

Scenarios to leverage the AWS cloud

Cloud Bursting is an application deployment model in which the application primarily runs in an on-premises infrastructure, but when the application requires to increase performance or need more storage, AWS resources are utilized. Let´s say a HPC scenario using Fargate or maybe a migration from legacy applications to containers on ECS or EKS.

Backup and Disaster Recovery where the customer can set up business continuity strategies improving resilience, data durability and high availability even. For example, archiving and data tiering with S3.

Distributed data processing to integrate your origin data from near -real time processes or batch processes on your company and being transform quickly with a cost-effective approach on AWS using for example Firehose together with data lake or data warehouse strategist using Redshift.

Finally, Geographic expansion which drives a tremendous potential when you use global data base approaches (SQL or not SQL) supporting your data on DynamoDB or Aurora Database.

On the other hand, related to networking you can extend your existing Amazon VPC to your Outpost in your on premises location. After installation, you can create a subnet in your regional VPC and associate it with an Outpost just as you associate subnets with an Availability Zone in an AWS Region. Instances in Outpost subnets communicate with other instances in the AWS Region using private IP addresses, all within the same VPC.

For example, let’s say you need to maintain on premise a data warehouse due to regulations but you need a HPC (high performance computing) or even MPP (massive parallel processing ) from time to time to perform some calculations with some dataset and you don’t want to invest a lot of money for this stationary estimations. All the outcomes will be store locally once they are prepared and transformed in more accurate data in the cloud. Obviously, the cluster and the slaves nodes will be shut down afterwards.

AWS helps you to identify the right VMs profiles for the right hybrid workload you want to run.

Edge Computing

With Snowball Edge you can collect data in remote locations, use machine learning and processing, and storage a first define datasets in environments with intermittent connectivity. There are three different flavors: Snowball Edge computing perfect as i said for IoT solutions, Snowball data transfer to migrate massive information to the cloud or Snowball edge storage as a first layer to your data on prem before being process move to S3 for example.

AWS Outposts is fully managed and supported by AWS. Your Outpost is delivered, installed, monitored, patched, and updated by AWS. With Outposts you can reduce the time, resources, operational risk, and maintenance downtime required for managing IT infrastructure.

As we mentioned with the Microsoft Hybrid solution, AWS can also manage in a single pane of glass the whole infrastructure . Can you figure out the tremendous benefits to your customers, users and partners to be there when it’s needed reducing risks as eliminate single point of failure, reduce latency and improve business continuity, better security and governance or increase in an exponential manner your Go-To-Market strategies?.

See you then in the next post, take care and stay safe…