The good, the bad and the ugly

Dear friends, sometimes i don´t really understand how we, as human beings, need to create SILOS within the companies. Maybe we were groups or tribes in ancient times, even before the first societies came up. Do we really need to be part of something? we really search for others similar to us following unconscious bias?. My experiences in some companies, maybe i was responsable for some digital transformation or assisting them to design their journey to the cloud, maybe i was just working there during some years, have some outstanding outcomes.

Almost in all the companies, you can find office politics. Not all have the same intensity, not all are so focus on relationships, not all are wasting time on this. But many of them, have a persona, i usually call “feedback generator lead”, who provides opinions of others, who advice others to take care of this guy or gives you recommendations about some department.

Adding to that, i found out a toxic environment when some business areas didn´t want to work with other areas due to old issues, nobody could solve. You, for example, have an IT Infrastructure department against the communications guys during years. Even if leadership changes, there are some old problems, you can´t even figure out what, that makes really difficult a digital transformation, an optimisation of infrastructures.

To conclude, not only the bite and the byte matters regarding IT, we as human beings create SILOS, even in IT. Please, don´t listen the “feedback generator Lead” instead try to have your own feedback of others, please don´t be part of SILOS but a bridge to people so we can solve issues without blaming.

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