Technology brings to me a lot of satisfactions. One would be learn from some awesome people, others would be enjoy new approaches to solve IT problems in our companies or IT communities as well as feed my curiosity for what the human being is able to achieve creating sometimes amazing cutting edge technologies to help and support our society.

That´s the main goal why i´m here right now during these tough times, meanwhile a pandemic reach remote points in our lovely earth, writing to show what i know, learning more from others and sharing knowledge about my passion which is the bit and the byte.

I have been working since more than 20 years in this area, starting with Windows NT and Linux many years ago. Now from my cloud specialist perspective working with Azure, M365 or AWS we are living an exciting challenge to adopt cloud solutions, to leverage the tremendous potential of those elastic, on demand and scalable global compute platforms with data resilience and severe security to our world.

We have the opportunity to know how organizations can grow and change with the digital transformation from their users to their processes, from their human resources to their engineers and financial staff. We,the cloud community, are actors of epic times where our relationships as humans, our work and personal life will change for ever in our global village.

Please join with me this adventure and give me your feedback, ideas or even collaborate to make this web a site of share what we are and what we breathe…

Welcome Cloud Visioneer, to your home.

Miguel Blanco

Opened minded, IT curiosity, passion for the bit & byte and Cloud Specialist