Any Company is a Software Company. Why devops matters?

Any company needs software to support its processes, its daily work and the systems which interact with their customers and partners.

Many companies don´t know how to fix the gap on their software needs and have lots of repositories, even more than one version control platform, eternal development cycles with more than a programming language, some build and tests tools, and to increase the risk, using waterfall traditional phases to achieve a final software product release.

In addition, there are in many scenarios some silos developing several software solutions in response to several areas of the same business overlapping efforts, not collaborating with other teams properly and not empowering the developers and stakeholders with a flexible, anywhere-anytime distributed devops cloud approach.

The most important leaders on the market focus on Devops and also providing an approach on CI/CD are Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure Devops..

There are some devops products on the market helping or supporting Agile or Lean methodologies to be apply on their software development. Some of them are focus on just collaboration, team work and facilitate user stories, backlogs and work items to Scrum Masters or Key developers. Some also are focus on provide control version, integrate Git-flows strategies or improve testing.

But, to be honest, those ready to provide a CI/CD strategy with their own tools or integrating such solutions as Jenkins, CircleCI or Octopus with efficiency are just these two market leaders from my point of view.

Azure Devops is off-road. It can support SCRUM or CMMI with its component called Azure Boards, build packets with Nuget, NPM or Maven on CI with Azure Pipeline and at the same time deliver the release to Web Services or Containers on CD if needed. It can provide Test Scenarios or use open source such as Selenium or SonarQube to reinforce the software code in terms of quality and security. As everybody knows the source control -source version Microsoft repository bet it´s GITHUB an Git on Azure Repos.

Atlassian Jira can handle Agile while can be integrated with Azure Pipeline as well as their own CI/CD Atlassian Bamboo. As repository git management approach you can use Bitbucket. Even you can use Jira Service desk as their ITSM solution. It´s a veteran in the market and a very solid approach.

So when it makes sense use one or another?. It all depends on what you want to develop, what requirements should be take into account, dead lines, dependencies and if your origin is a legacy monolithic mono repository or a first cloud devops strategy.

Do you need a flexible cloud devops platform with powerful features to work remotely? without loosing security and improving collaboration with partners and customers?. Do you want SSO?. Then the answer is Azure Devops.

In the next post we will figure out what challenges we have to cope with on software development, quality, risks and best effort strategies leveraging Azure Devops to fix all in one.

Enjoy the journey to the cloud with me…see you then in the next post.

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