What is the CAF? And why is there one for Microsoft and another one for AWS, Is it the same approach to adopt the cloud? (Part I)

Oh, my goodness!, what is CAF or Cloud Adoption Framework and why AWS has a CAF and Microsoft a different one with their own steps for the journey to the cloud, so is it exactly the same cloud adoption approach..or not?

Well, to be honest, there are two Cloud Adoption Frameworks. One of them is the Microsoft CAF to provide the best methodology for migrating IT solutions and embrace the journey to the cloud in many solutions or compute workloads already deployed on premise, or even in a private cloud. Another is the AWS CAF which has a similar approach in terms of stakeholders but more focus on six perspectives common to business while Microsoft takes into account three major factors: business strategy, technology strategy and people strategy.

Anyway keep in mind please, AWS hit first the public cloud so their CAF approach was based on their previous experiences where almost no other players where on this market and cloud model. Microsoft came later to bring their own adoption where may be many customers already became experts on these platforms, as NETFLIX migrate to AWS on 2009 for example, before Microsoft even started with their Windows Azure classic portal officially on 2010.

So both giants have different experiences and right now try to do their best to drive their customers on their digital transformation data centers and to leverage their business outcomes on this process.

In this first blog we´ll scratch the surface related to CAF for AWS and Azure. Starting with AWS, let see the pillars. There are 6 perspectives common to business, as we mentioned before but AWS want to separate those with more impact for the technical guys: Platform, Security and Operations from those focus on the HR, lawyers or financial guys: Business, People and Governance.

Microsoft define their initial scope taking as first layer three clear strategies, if you want to compare there are the same stakeholders somehow. Let see, Business strategy, People strategy, Technology strategy. Isn´t sounds familiar?.

If you pay attention to these two approaches to adopt IT solutions to the cloud, you´ll see they´re pretty similar when based their pillars on the people, those users that you want to empower, the business that you want to leverage to a new digital level, probably opening a new channel to their market or developing a disruptive solution, and obviously the technology to make all that feasible. Those APPs, those web services, those IT solutions deployed with the magic of public cloud, a piece of common sense and through governance, security, efficient operational management and the right platform are now part of your company. May be you can believe it or not, innovation and global go-to-market will provide solid foundation for your business on this crisis. We all know companies seriously affected due to their very traditional IT solutions, their slow reaction to their clients and their incorrect market analysis.

CAF is the perfect allied to gain market by offering consumers and customers greater value than your competitors and providing a consolidated competitive advantage. Applying this framework you will align your CIOs, CTOs, Financial managers, Human Resources, Project managers, IT Architects and IT staff to push all together in the right direction with your Technology front line. The digital transformation needed to put your own footprint on your evolution as company. It´s not magic, it´s IT strategy and once again common sense.

Start the journey to the cloud with me…see you in the next post.

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