Hybrid cloud is a big challenge for mostly all the companies out there. They need to integrate their on premise workloads and cloud native solutions with similar governance, security posture and devops for instance. Some solutions can use more or less VMs, Microservices, Data analytics, ETL. But what happens when you want to use AWS as well as AZURE and obviously you need a single pane of glass to provide a holistic view of your multicloud environment?

Are there technologies to solve such a mess?. Let try to be focus laser on the big pain points to cope with:

  • Your IT team has a solid knowledge in Azure but very limited to AWS
  • You want to achieve a governance to services and IT solution as a whole even if workloads are spread between both clouds
  • AWS account are isolated with no landing zone as they are inherited from previous merged o company acquisitions.

Here you can see a Lab where i was testing VMs on a AWS account with visibility on my Azure ARC console.

Tagging and cost control: If you want within Azure ARC you can edit tags to some VMs on EC2 and build a unique perspective to a IT service for VMs even if they are located in a multicloud environment. So from you favourite cost management console, Azure cost management, you can connect to AWS and speed up your multicloud FINOPS strategy.

Standardization  for Policies and Governance: Linux or Windows VMs on EC2 can be managed exactly in the same way as you are working with VMs on Azure or on premise. Your Azure Policies will address all the issues regarding permissions, compliance, authorization to resources, etc. The best point, it doesn´t matter if they are on Azure or AWS.

Working with Microsoft Defender Anywhere: Azure ARC provides an agent to be deployed in some VMs so you can afterwards set up specific iniciativas to active and to roll Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Taking into account that you will receive all the antimalware alarms and security tracking in the same console.

Another approach would be to register and deploy EKS from Azure ARC so you can provide governance to AWS kubernetes cluster from the Azure ARC console. Something quite interesting to those who has a strong knowledge on AZURE but want to deal with AWS as well.

I hope you enjoy this post. See you in the cloud.

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